Angling is one of the most popular participant sports in England and, as such, has the potential to provide economic inputs to local economies.  It also provides opportunities to connect people to the environment, and improve health and well-being in urban as well as rural areas.  Angling therefore provides a mechanism by which Defra’s evidence plans and policy priorities can be delivered, particularly in relation to sustainable economy, rural communities and rural development, landscape and outdoor recreation and biodiversity and ecosystems.

The Environment Agency has commissioned RPA in association with Accent, PJM Economics and fisheries expert Guy Mawle to undertake a study to value freshwater angling in England.  The study will estimate annual expenditure on freshwater angling and angling related products and services, and the impact of this expenditure on employment and business.  This will allow us to produce value estimates for how marginal changes in key variables of fishery quality will benefit anglers.

RPA’s team brings together key experts from Accent and PJM Economics in survey design and implementation to ensure that the evidence base is as robust as possible, with expert input from Guy Mawle on fisheries and angling, and RPA’s in-house economists and water policy experts.  RPA also brings expertise in presenting economics information in ways that can be understood and applied by non-economists.

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