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Our Work

Since its formation in 1990, RPA has completed more than 700 projects spanning the chemicals, energy, water, waste and more general environmental sectors. RPA’s work can be divided into six main areas (click on pictures for more information):


Assessments of risks to people and the environment associated with everyday activities through to catastrophic events.


Assessments of proposed policy changes including analysis of existing situation, development and analysis of possible policy options.



Assessment and management of chemical risks and development of associated policies.


Impact assessments using a range of economic appraisal techniques. We also develop specific methodologies for environmental decision-making



Our works covers a wide range of sectors including land, water, marine, energy, waste tourism and sustainable development.

Flooding & Erosion

Appraisals of coastal and fluvial defence works. We undertake work on strategies (national and regional) as well as on individual schemes and projects.



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