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RPA has an established reputation in the fields of chemicals policy and chemicals risk management. This has included the development of risk reduction strategies under both the Existing Substances Regulation (ESR) and REACH for the European Commission and EU governments including, the application of risk-benefit analysis techniques to chemicals, the preparation of guidance on the application of socio-economic analysis to chemical risk management issues (for OECD and preparation of ECHA REACH guidance) and the evaluation of the advantages and drawbacks of REACH (for the European Commission).  RPA has been involved in the formative stages of various pieces of environmental legislation including the Water Framework Directive, the Biocides Directive and REACH.

RPA has undertaken a great deal of work concerning the direct and indirect implications of the REACH proposals. This includes studies not only for both DG Enterprise and DG Environment, but also for EU trade organisations, including Eurocommerce (wholesalers and retailers) and COLIPA (the cosmetics sector), and for private sector companies.  For more information on REACH and RPA’s REACH related skills click here.

In the area of chemicals, RPA is capably placed to:

  • prepare risk assessments according to REACH guidelines, including undertaking communication in the supply chain and chemical safety assessments/reports;
  • provide an independent review of methodologies and identify data gaps;
  • review studies conducted by industry to ensure that they have been appropriately conducted and adequately reported to an equivalent standard in line with that of OECD guidance;
  • recommend whether further work is required before submission to chemical risk management or, on the other hand, the report is satisfactory for submission to the chemical risk management programme; and
  • where required, provide technical support on risk management issues.




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As we see an increasing demand for our chemical risk management services, we would like to reassure our clients and potential clients that we continue to offer an outstanding service backed by our expertise and experience.

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