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In April 2008, the European Parliament and the Council adopted Directive 2008/48/EC on credit agreements for consumers. The aim of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) is to create a properly functioning internal market in consumer credit and in so doing, provide a sufficient degree of consumer protection. It also intends to enable the free movement of credit offers across borders and remove distortion of competition arising from differences in national laws relating to consumer credit. The CCD is a full harmonisation directive, except for specific aspects which have been specified under different articles in the CCD and the Commission is obliged to undertake a review of the CCD every five years.

In order to support this review, Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA) and its partners - Milieu and EPRD - have been commissioned by the European Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) in cooperation with the European Commission (DG SANCO) to undertake an in-depth review of how MS have implemented (or not) the legal choices which were provided under the CCD and what impacts may be attributable to these legal choices (read/download a confirmatory letter from the European Commission).

To assist with the study, we have prepared a questionnaire aimed at obtaining information to support this objective.  The questionnaire is mainly simple tick-boxes. 

Start the questionnaire for the Consumer Credit Directive

If you wish, you can complete the questionnaire in more than one visit by clicking again on the link above.  Alternatively, you can preview the questions from this pdf version.

Please note that we are primarily interested in the impacts which pertain to your own country; for this reason, we have provided information on the national legislation implementing the CCD in your country to assist you in responding to the questionnaire.

Read/download the national legislation information regarding the Consumer Credit Directive in Word format or in Open Office format

We would like to receive your completed questionnaire by 29 March 2013.  However, if you would like to respond to this survey but are unable to do so before this date, please let us know as soon as possible.  While the questionnaire is provided in English, we are happy to accept completed responses in other European languages.  If you require specific assistance with languages, please send an email to the Project Manager, Tobe Nwaogu. 

Also, please note that responses to this questionnaire will be used in the preparation of our reports for the Commission, which, subsequently, may be published.  If you have specific concerns about how your data will be treated, or on the study more generally, you can contact the Project Manager, Tobe Nwaogu, who will be happy to discuss your concerns.